ministry Studies Online...  Crazy?

Crazy Good:

  • Accessible!

    Ministry training online… anytime, anywhere!

  • Affordable!

    College-level learning, without the college-level expense!

  • Academic Excellence!

    Transferable to Colleges and Universities!

Think it’s crazy to get ministry training online? We’ve come up with a way that you can learn the heart and soul of ministry – way beyond just resources – with the flexibility you need with your busy schedule.

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What's it all about?

Ministry Studies Online is a 30-credit, fully online college-level ministry training program that consists of 10 Courses: 5 Foundational Courses and 5 Ministry Specific Courses in the areas of Youth Studies, KidMin Studies, Pastoral Studies, and Global Studies. 

There are literally thousands of committed pastors, missions workers, youth leaders, and kidmin pastors who have little or no formal training in Bible, theology, or ministry principles and practices. Thousands more who sense a call to ministry, but see no way - financially or otherwise - that this can ever happen.

MSO is the answer for so many who are looking to dive into their calling without diving into debt!

Welcome to Ministry Studies Online!

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