What is Youth Studies Online (YSO)?
YSO is an Internet-based training program for youth pastors and youth leaders, whether they be full time, part time, or volunteer.

What is the goal of YSO?
We exist to help you reach and disciple the youth of your community to impact their planet for Jesus Christ. Our desire is to help you develop a dynamic youth ministry, in an environment of theological faithfulness, personal health and professional excellence.

Is YSO accredited?
Because YSO has an agreement with North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, YSO students can receive college credits at NCU for courses completed through YSO. For more information regarding NCU's accreditation, click HERE. Please email us by clicking HERE for the latest information on cost and process. 

What youth ministries training courses can be completed online?
All YSO courses are fully-online, meaning that learners can complete the entire 30-credit certificate program in Youth Ministries without ever needing to travel to a college campus. A complete listing of the available online courses is available HERE.

How much will each course cost?
We understand the financial sacrifices that are made to be involved in youth ministry. With that in mind, we intentionally present a cost effective option for our online program. Current tuition rates have been set at $99 per credit hour! This reflects a deeply discounted rate for college level courses available only through YSO. Tuition for a 3-credit course is $297 plus an administrative fee of $25 and a technology fee of $25. All YSO course registration fees are shown in US dollars and payment of course registration must be in US currency.

Are scholarships available?
YSO courses are offered at a substantial tuition discount. However, we are actively seeking scholarship monies to be available for those who are pioneering YSO in their home country. If you are the first student in your country to apply and be accepted to YSO, a full or partial Pioneer Scholarship may be available! Email us HERE to inquire about availability. If you would like to help sponsor a student or an entire youth ministry team, click HERE.

What if I already have a degree?
YSO courses can be taken as continuing education courses giving you a deeper understanding of the principles and practices in biblical and theological faithfulness as well as personal and professional development in youth ministry.

Can credits earned through YSO be transferred to another institution?
Each college or seminary retains the prerogative to decide what it will accept as transfer credits. Beyond our relationship with North Central University, people who have completed YSO have gone on to pursue degrees at schools like Liberty University and the University of Valley Forge. Be sure to check with the institution you want to transfer credits to regarding their policy for accepting transfer credits. 

Can credits earned at another institution be transferred to YSO?
Learners may transfer up to 6 credits from an accredited institution toward the Certificate in Youth Ministry. In order for transfer credits to be considered for YSO, an email from the learner to philbaker@youthstudiesonline.com notifying YSO of the intention to transfer credits and an official printed transcript mailed to Youth Studies Online, 302 Antietam Drive, Douglassville, PA 19518, are required. Credit transfers must be approved by the YSO program director.

Do I need a college degree in order to take YSO courses?
No, you do not need a college degree to apply for YSO and begin taking courses. YSO is available for anyone who is at least in their Junior year of high school, offering a great jump-start for those wanting to go on to college. A college degree is not a prerequisite for admittance to YSO. If you already have a college degree, you may still take online courses offered through YSO. Whether you are a Junior in high school, or already have your PHD, YSO will provide you a flexible and customizable online youth ministry learning experience.

What are the registration deadlines?
Be sure to check the website for registration deadlines for each semester. Courses begin in September, January, and May. You may enter the program at any of these points.

When can I begin taking YSO courses?
By applying today, you can then make payment online for your first course and begin the course at the beginning of the next semester. Application and payment deadlines are available HERE.

Is YSO for youth leaders of any denomination?
Yes!  Every effort is made to ensure that the non-denominational, evangelical youth ministry training provided utilizes available online learning technology and includes the most current youth ministry best practices and is grounded in biblical and theological faithfulness. (For students wishing to receive credentialing with the Assemblies of God, please email us HERE for the latest news on this exciting development.) 

Is it hard to use the online courseroom?
Not at all. Using the online courseroom is similar to using email, your computer at work, or any basic online program. You will find yourself comfortable very soon as you make your way around the online courseroom.

How do I receive and hand in my assignments?
Just log in to your online courseroom. You can view and print assignments, as well as discuss them with your classmates. The courseroom also allows you to submit your assignments in normal Word document file format.

How do I interact with my instructor and classmates?
YSO is an online program that offers versatile form of learning. Students find that one of the most exciting advantages to our e-learning environment is the ongoing opportunity to interact with instructors and other learners.

- By email: Students and instructors can exchange email addresses at the beginning of each course, which enables ongoing discussion outside of the online classroom.
- By phone: You are free to exchange phone numbers with classmates.
- Using online discussion threads: Some of your favorite interaction will be with your classmates in the online discussions! You will also track topical discussions or respond to questions posed by your instructor.

What time are courses held?
Anytime, anywhere! You can access your course and participate via our online classroom at any time as long as you have an Internet connection. Students usually need to log in 2-5 times each week, but there is no set course time so you can “attend class” anytime. You can expect to spend 5-7 hours each week per course.

How many courses can I take at once?
It’s important to consider your family, work, and ministry responsibilities and the amount of available time you currently devote to each. You can expect to spend 5-7 hours per week for each course you are enrolled in. Up to four courses may be taken each semester, allowing you to finish the entire youth studies certificate in as little as one year.

How long does a course last?
Each course consists of 12 units, with each unit designed to be completed in a 1-week timeframe.

Do courses have specific start and end dates?
Yes, each YSO course has a designated start and end date. Courses start in September, January, and May, with each 3 credit course to be completed in 12 weeks. A schedule of courses is availbale HERE.

How long will it take me to complete the entire certificate program?
Your individual time constraints will determine exactly how long it may take you to complete this certificate program. Many learners are able to complete the program in as little as 12 months, while others may proceed slower and take somewhat longer to finish all 10 courses. The program is designed to be flexible, so you can personalize your course load.

How do I apply to YSO?
Simply complete the online application by clicking HERE. You will then be contacted by our admissions staff with details necessary to register for your first course. It’s as simple as that, and best of all - there is no Application Fee! 

How and when do I register for courses?
The first step is to complete the YSO online application, which can be filled out online HERE.  Once the application is received, users will receive email confirmation within 3-5 business days of their acceptance to the program and their YSO username & password. Once payment is made for the course(s), we will register you in the course. You will have access to course material once the course begins. If you have questions about the registration process, please email us at YSOhelp@gmail.com.

How will I know which courses to take?
Your course options and program requirements are easily accessible on this web site. An overview of the online certificate program is available on the Program Tracking Worksheet HERE.

What if I have more questions?
If you have additional questions, please email us HERE or call 484-529-7232. We look forward assisting you in every step of your journey toward furthering your youth ministry endeavor!