What MSO Students Are Saying...

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At a young age, God set a fire in my heart to help youth find Christ. I have learned that when God sets fires, they never go out! After completing general education in college, I wanted to focus on youth studies and biblical training. I searched all over for a program and then the Lord led me to MSO. Since day one this program has been an absolute blessing!

Every class I've taken has been full of lifelong lessons and realistic approaches to real issues concerning youth of today. Every section of the program is relevant, challenging, and thought-provoking. I have countless notes surrounding my desk with vital lessons learned from the online video classes. The lessons I have learned are priceless and highly valued.

One of the most valuable opportunities that MSO provides is a connection with other youth ministry vested people. We are all students learning together through this program and the stories and experiences are absolutely invaluable.

MSO is an affordable, go-at-your-own-pace, challenging online program designed to impact pastors, ministry leaders, and volunteers. I highly recommend this program.

Through MSO my biblical knowledge has increased, my understanding of youth ministry dynamics, culture, and leadership have increased, and finally, my call to lead youth to Christ has become stronger. I feel more prepared and equipped for battle than ever! I encourage you to join MSO and increase your ministry fire!

Kingsley Powell - Youth Pastor in San Luis Obispo, California

Dear MSO,

I just want to thank you for offering this program. The powerful information presented through MSO has really helped me refocus the youth group I now lead. I can honestly say that I wish MSO was available when I started in youth ministry 20 years ago. I find it amazing that a lot of the materials about running a youth ministry are right in line with what I learned the hard way. Along with that, all the new information I have taken away is helping me redirect my youth group for the challenges we face so they can be ready for the future.

There are so many advantages to the MSO program. The biggest for me is how easy you can fit the class work into your everyday schedule. I was always nervous about taking classes because of my schedule. With a full time job, a wife, 3 kids, 3 dogs and the responsibilities of a youth director, my plate can get full pretty quick. To add classes to that scared me to no end. But what I found was how practical and to the point MSO is and that helps make it possible to fit into any schedule. Oh... And by the way... MSO also teaches about balancing all those things we call priorities. Which as you can tell. I needed some help with.

Thanks for offering this program so that youth leaders can get the knowledge and know how for running a youth ministry!

Paul Lilly - Youth Director, El Shaddai A/G Nazareth, PA

The online experience allowed me to work at my own pace, but still gave me the knowledge and resources of the classroom environment! It was nice knowing that if I needed help I could contact the professor for assistance!

Joe K. - Youth Pastor, Ellicott City, MD

Having the opportunity to take courses online allowed me to learn a lot from taking the class without the added class time to my schedule. The professors really opened up innovative ways for us to learn not only from them, but also from each other.
Tim L. - US Army, San Antonio, TX

MSO is a great way to learn more about youth and how to reach them while still being able to work full time and be involved in ministry. The flexibility it offers youth leaders is great and all the sessions were valuable.
Sarah W.  - 2cor5.20ministry - Western PA

The flexibility of the program gave me the chance to take a class I needed without interfering with my schedule.
Jonathan S. - Youth Pastor, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

I wanted to tell you that this class has been one of the most thought-provoking classes I’ve taken so far. Thank You for sharing your experiences, heart, and love for youth and college students.  Your sincerity was encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring.  I have learned a lot from being in your class.  But even more than that, I now have a greater burden, concern, understanding, and love for youth.  There were times when I was discouraged and disgusted at the realities of today’s youth culture.  The lectures, videos, interviews, readings for class opened my eyes to new realities.  At times it was shocking and discouraging.  But despite all the discouragement for future generations I am now more prepared to confront the challenge than before. So, thank you for your love for youth and for allowing the Lord to use you.  Because of this class my love and passion for youth has increased. 
Jessica R. - Youth Leader